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About us

Who we are

...and what we're all about.

Our Mission

I wish I would have known then what I know now.

How many of us have uttered those exact words many times over?  The value of that statement has not gone unnoticed with us and we’ve put together a program that finally brings that thought to reality.  Here at Career Year Academy we are committed to equipping people of all ages and backgrounds with real world skills in order to truly excel at life.  We are helping people avoid making the RUSH decision and guiding them towards the RIGHT decision for them and their future.   

Who We Are

We are people that are passionate about helping others improve their soft skills and thus improving their results in life.

We are parents who believe that education does not limit itself to the walls of educational institutions and we feel it is our duty to help others realize that and benefit from it.

We are coaches that pride ourselves on preparation, execution and delivery.

Our Team

Charles-Edouard McIntyre

Co-Founder, President - Coach

Charles-Edouard McIntyre could be viewed as an operational/management expert, having held very impressive high ranking positions with multinational companies. Charles has a talent of seeing areas of improvements within a sales or operational system and the ability to communicate and effectively lead small and large teams to surpassing expectations and objectives. Charles began a transition to the leadership development field over a decade ago. He is an acclaimed international speaker and has impacted people throughout the world with his professional approach and creative examples. Charles currently lives in Ottawa Ontario with his wife Manon and his 4 children.

Denis Leger

Co-Founder, CEO - Coach

Denis Leger’s professional career has seen him succeed in different sales positions and project management opportunities. He co-coordinated the planning, oversaw the marketing & programming and sold the advertisement and partnerships for the establishment of two major sports facilities. He also ventured in the employment field and occupied the position of Job Placement Officer for both a community college and a local private college handling on the job trainings and post-graduation placements for several hundred students. Over the last 12 years he transitioned into being a life coach and a professional speaker on different leadership topics presenting to several thousand people on different stages across Canada, the United States and in France. Denis is happily married to his wife of 14 years and has 3 beautiful daughters.

Cédric Esserméant

Executive Vice President - Coach

Cédric Esserméant has extensive scientific and technical training with 15 years of his career in industry and sales. But his deep vocation to serve people and his entrepreneurial spirit has led to the creation of 6 companies since 2009. In 2014 he became a life coach and speaker, helping hundreds of adults to significantly improve their life experience. Since 2013, Cedric has been passionate about youth education and has sought to express his talents towards this specific audience. With excellent communication skills, he can easily transform complex concepts into simple principles. This, combined with his listening skills and empathy, make him a very good teacher and facilitator.  Cedric lives in the heart of the French Alps with his wife Claudine and their 2 daughters.

Patrick Delorme

Chief Information Officer

Patrick Delorme is a professional in the IT field with an impressive ability to create phenomenal websites.  His creativity and work ethic are two of his dominant strengths that make him an exceptional addition to the Career Year Academy family.  He also previously owned a leadership business that eventually became the foundation for his IT/Web Development business that he has successfully operated for the past 9 years.  Patrick lives in Montreal Quebec with his wife and their two beautiful young children.