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If it doesn't challenge you, it'll never change you.

At Career Year Academy© our goal is not to reproduce a typical in-class experience, so why would we administer typical classroom testing?  We want to give our Achievers a real life education through real life scenarios and testing, hence our simulation style evaluations.


We’ve put together or partnered up with great organizations to offer a spectacular simulation for each of the 3 main skill areas:  Money Skills, Work Skills and Life Skills. Not only will the simulation test you as real life would, we also want to reward you as you would in the workforce, either through an experience or a bonus.  We are confident that you will enjoy completing the simulations as much as we had putting them together. So get ready, cause it’s game time!



Career Year Academy’s Charity Challenge is not only set up for the obvious reason of helping people in need and illustrating how grateful we all should be for the blessings we have in our lives, it was also set up to give our Achievers a wonderful proving ground in order to demonstrate their creativeness in raising funds and apply their work ethic to put their plans into action.  A deserving charity will be chosen every year to receive the fruits of our labor and the team that ends up winning the challenge will be awarding an amazing prize that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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For our Business Simulation Challenge we partnered up with Praxar Simulations to give our Achievers an opportunity to make business decisions that are integrated into realistic scenarios that take place over several rounds of a simulation game.  We believe that this simulation will not only give you a fantastic and realistic experience of real life business scenarios but will also give you a taste of the different components of a business and might end up sparking a vision of a future education endeavour or career path.  Also, just like all our simulations, the winning team will be rewarded with a fantastic prize that will be reflective of this particular challenge.

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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make decisions in life and then go back and alter them if we aren’t happy with the results?  Of course it would but unfortunately that ability is currently non-existent but the next best thing would be to make a life plan, set long term goals, make decisions, evaluate the results and re-adjust as needed. Well welcome to Career Year Academy’s Life Simulation.  Our platform will give our Achievers the opportunity to input future decisions as per career choices, housing decisions, investments, expenses,etc ...all the types of decisions they will have to make in the future and see what their current plans yield in long term results.  Achievers will only successfully complete the simulation once they modify their decisions to match up to the long term goals they have set (positive monthly cash-flow, investment returns, balancing their checkbooks, etc). The game of life has never been so real. You know what they say:  Perfect practice make perfect!

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