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A small investment can yield a lifetime of results.

Pricing options

One Time Fee
  • Complete amount due on signup.

What is the return on my investment?

Every smart investor wants to make sure they have a strong ROI (Return on Investment) for every investment they make and we assure you that there is no greater investment out there than investing in yourself.

So what is a Career Year Achiever’s ROI? Well…

  • Over 100 hours of real life curriculum
  • Direct interaction with successful people in numerous different fields
  • Access to a video library of over 50 different careers and real life testimonials from professionals in that specific field
  • Upon completion of the curriculum, each successful graduate will receive a Professional Portfolio to accompany their resume when applying for a job that will educate potential employers of the skills learnt and the experience acquired through their Career Year education.
  • Real life simulations that will put the Achiever’s new found knowledge to the real life test
  • Direct and individualized help in either the development of the Achiever’s new resume, the preparation for future interviews or help in choosing the proper University or college path (or all three)!
  • Teaching from not only coaches that have had success in multiple different endeavors but, when possible, Career Year wants to have guest speakers that are experts in their chosen fields to contribute to that specific module.
  • A wonderful welcome package that will welcome them to the Career Year family
  • A real life education and experience that you just can’t get within the walls of a traditional educational institution
  • And much, much more...