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Many people never rise to the level of their potential, not because of a lack of technical skill but rather because they do not have the proper communication tools to get through the hiring and selection process. 

Keynote Speech (50-65 mins) - Career Expert Secrets: Figuring Out My Career Path
Choosing a career is such a BIG decision and many factors must be taken into consideration in order to ensure the right decision.  The IKIGAI concept is a great way to put proper thought into the thought process when trying to narrow down which career direction someone may follow.

Workshop Option 1 (Half Day) - The Resume

IKIGAI                                                                                   20 minutes
Personality Profiles                                                         20 minutes
8 Different Intelligence Types                                     20 minutes
5 Keys to Unlock your Potential                                 10 minutes
BREAK                                                                               10 minutes
Resume Video                                                                   70 minutes
Plan of attack                                                                     5 minutes

The initial tool in the hiring process.  Which format should I use?  Where can I find different options? What should be included?  What should be excluded?  How do I make my resume stand out? So many questions, well let’s get you the answers.

Workshop Option 2 (Half Day) - The Professional Portfolio
The professional portfolio is the next level of the modern day resume.  For the graduate that wants to REALLY stand out from the competition, the professional portfolio is the total document of every hiring tool that you can have at your disposal.

Workshop Option 3 (Half Day) - The Interview
The step in the hiring process than many people either dread or are deadly afraid of...but unnecessarily so.  Nerves go away when you feel properly prepared and our Interview Workshop will prepare you so well that you will look forward to your next interview.

Resume Video

CYA Tool Box #5
Career Experts Secrets Book

Maximum 50 students per workshop 


Over which is way too expensive :)

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