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BusinessSkills - Be Your Own Boss!

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Business ownership is one of the principle ways to stimulate the economy.  There are many benefits to being your own boss as there are many challenges as well.  Understanding both sides and learning success principles and strategies can help budding entrepreneurs start on the right foot.

Keynote Speech (50-65 mins) - Why Be A Business Owner?
Pros and cons of business ownership.  An introspective view from business owners that have over 40 years of business ownership experience. 

Workshop (Half Day) - An Entrepreneurial Mindset & Business Plan
Want to get in business for yourself?  A proper entrepreneurial mindset is essential.  This workshop goes through different mindsets that can help mold future entrepreneurs.  Following that, we dive into putting together a proper business plan in order to have order and focus in your entrepreneurship endeavours.

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CYA Tool Box # 4
Career Experts Secrets Book

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