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MoneySkills - Show Me The Money!

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Money.  A five letter word that unfortunately has a HUGE impact in everybody’s future.  Knowing how to make it, manage it and leverage it can make a huge difference in our level of overall happiness.  Understanding and applying key principles early in the beginning stages of your career can radically affect your financial future and other important areas of your life.

Keynote Speech (50-65 mins) - Financial Common Sense
Simple do’s & don’ts that will guide young adults entering this new phase in their lives with upcoming key decisions that could contribute to a solid financial future.

Workshop Option 1 (Half Day) - Moving Out on Your Own and Money Management
One of the next big steps in a young adults life is moving out on their own and becoming financially independent.  Career Year Academy firmly believes ‘’not to give our kids what we never had’’ but rather ‘’teach our kids what we wish we would have known then’’ and moving out of our parents house and shadow represents a very important step in a young person’s life.  A few key moves can make an incredible difference. 

Workshop Option 2 (Half Day) - Understanding Debt & Major Purchases
Albert Einstein once commented that ‘’compounding interest in the 8th wonder of the world’’.  What an incredible statement and one that unfortunately is closer to reality than one might think.  The burden of financial stress is a heavy, heavy burden that can contribute to anxiety, stress, anger and possibly marital issues.  Once you understand debt and compounding interest you are now in a position to make better decisions and finally leverage compounding interest in your favour.

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