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LifeSkills - The Wake Up Call!

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Once high school is completed graduates are now facing the realities of the real world.  Certain skills that are not taught in any textbook are essential for success in life.  This offer will touch on strategies and skills that will open the students’ eyes to the power of People Skills and how they relate to different areas of their lives.

Keynote Speech (50-65 mins) – TITLE
Ten Invaluable Lessons to Succeed in Your Life and Career

Workshop (Half Day) - The Power of People Skills: Discovering the Personality Profiles
Professionals with superior people skills always seem to rise to the top.  Knowing how to properly deal with people will put you on the fast track to success regardless of the industry you find yourself in.  Understanding the different personality profiles will enable you to deal with people successfully and better understand the people you work with and the people you live with.  This workshop will completely change the way you see others and how to communicate effectively with them.

Most Likely To…
Personality Feud

CYA Tool Box # 1
Career Experts Secrets E-Book

Maximum 50 students per workshop: $1975.00 CDN + applicable taxes
Rebate available for multiple workshop opportunities


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