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Ambassadors welcome!

Here at CareerYear Academy, our scouting team is always on the lookout for ambitious people that share our same passion for helping others.  We are working day and night promoting our program because we feel that it is exactly what people need to prosper in today’s workforce.  We want to have an impact on today’s generation but we know we can’t do it alone, so we’re always searching for new talent to become CYA Ambassadors and help us spread the word and introduce our concept to friends and family.


Do you think you might have what we are looking for?  Are you ambitious?  Are you passionate about helping people?  Are you a great promoter?  Are you a hard worker?  If so please get in touch with us so that we can get to know you and see if we can’t strike up a fantastic partnership.

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Rewarding referral program for those who would like to earn by helping the next generation learn.

Click here to see rewards program.


Join our team and represent your school, college or university as a student ambassador!


  • 50% registration to Career Year Academy program
  • $100 bonus for every student you refer that joins our program.
  • $500 additional bonus after 5 students you refer join our progam.

Promo package including cool Career Year Academy clothing & marketing material to help you promote the program...and look great at the same time ;)

Who are we looking for, you may ask?

  • Well you might be a current high school or post secondary student that is interested in our program.  Why not help us promote it to your classmate and get your tuition for free and put some extra money in your pockets?
  • Or you might simply be someone that believes in our vision.  That ‘real’ education does not limit itself to the walls of an institution, that real life soft skills are the answer to a prosperous career.  Well why not contact us and we can share with you our plan to help supplement your income or earn some fun money on the side.
  • Or finally you might be the go-getter, the ambitious ‘play-to-win’ kind of person that is looking for a full time opportunity to max out a very lucrative pay plan.  Let’s just say that our pay plan was set up to keep our Ambassadors motivated!


If any of these scenarios peaked your interest what do you have to lose by getting in touch with us and having a conversation?  No matter where you live, no matter what is your motivation you can have a spot on our roster of rockstar Ambassadors.  You will be impressed we promise!

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In 200 words or less tell us why you would like to join our team or learn more.