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WorkSkills - Time To Shine!

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Congratulations you’ve been hired but can you now maneuver the workplace minefield?  You will now be facing adult situations and your ability to understand, overcome and thrive.  What if you could get first hand coaching on how to stand out in difficult situations?  What if you could manage your time better than your colleagues? Who do you think would be better suited for the big promotion? Our Time to Shine Workshop will arm you with the skills to make you stand out and truly shine!


Keynote Speech (50-65 mins) - Workplace Etiquette
Do and don’ts for new graduate trying to make a good impression in his new work environment

Workshop (Half Day) - Conflict Resolution & Time Management
oft skills are quickly becoming as in-demand as hard skills and Conflict Resolution and Time Management would be two skills that would be at the top of the list.  Conflict happens everywhere but did you know that conflict can also create clarity if handled properly?  What if we told you that conflict resolution often leads to stronger relationships and more productive employees?  Learn how to identify and properly attack conflict before it evolves in a greater problem.

Time management is always a challenge.  The ever increasing demands in today’s workplace makes Time Management an essential skill for any high performer.  Like the old saying goes:  Time flies but you’re the pilot.  One of the most important skills of successful people is their ability to properly manage their time.

Escape Room
Situational Challenge

CYA Tool Box # 2
Career Experts Secrets Book

Maximum 50 students per workshop


Over which is way too expensive :)

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